Green Tag Forestry is a third-party certification conducted by certified foresters approved by the National Forestry Association. The certification standards (published on the web site) are set by the Green Tag Certification Board comprised of professional foresters, and representative resource managers and conservationists.

The certification process begins with a call to the National Forestry Association (1-888-Grn-Tree) for a preliminary evaluation by phone at no charge. A cost estimate is then provided to the landowner and a decision made on whether or not to proceed.

If the landowner elects to proceed with the certification, an independent auditor will confirm the field review fee ($300 and up, but quite low compared to other programs). Upon successful completion of the review and any management improvements suggested, the landowner will be presented with the Green Tag Forest signs and a Certificate of Certification.

Failure to comply with the program will result in the withdrawal of certification. Certifications are good for five years. Re-verification (re-authorization) is available by application.

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